Roasted Elephant Cafe is designed to stimulate the conversation about education – the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly


What we offer:

Roasted Elephant Cafe is a place for dialogue about issues surrounding education. It is a place to discuss the Elephants in the Room that are being ignored – whether those be in education or in other areas of life.

Our sister website, is the place where we develop online courses. Many of them will be courses that you suggest, or that you write for others. Everyone is good at something; everyone can become an instructor with assistance and guidance.

Roasted Elephant is about creating a movement to bring education into the 21st Century. We are not a ‘talking shop’. Dialogue is necessary and essential, but so is action and experimentation. That is the reason for TWO websites. One for ‘dialogue’; one for ‘action’.

Who are ‘we’?

At Roasted Elephant we are family. Literally. In 2013, it started as a father-son production separated by 2,000 miles. Linked by Skype and the usual internet facilities, we were inspired by those calling for a change to education. With start-up headquarters located in Cambridge we are convinced it is possible for Roasted Elephant  to deliver  world class education to everyone, everywhere at an extremely low cost. 

Roasted Elephant is fiercely independent.  We are students, teachers, educators, and parents joined to personalise and customize education to enhance the lives of people everywhere.

Why the name Roasted Elephant?

There are a number of reasons:

1. The current education system can be compared to a mammoth; ancient, huge and hairy, and unable to survive in the current world. Like,mammoths, education  has slightly evolved, into elephants, but is not good enough.

elephant-leg-264709_19202. Elephants are very intelligent animals, but unfortunately their intelligence has been manipulated by some  who use them for manual labour and entertainment. We need to set them free – break the chains and end manipulation. This is a perfect metaphor for what the education system does to children. The roasted part? Our goal is to fire up enthusiasm and passion for education. 

3. ‘Elephants never forget’ and the ‘Elephant in the Room’ are very appropriate sayings that we intend to incorporate.  So many societal problems need to be addressed but are not. No one talks about the ‘Elephants in the Room’, they choose to talk about the TV embedded into its arse. Elephants are also said to be ‘scared of mice’ – another metaphor that we shall address. 

4. The name is memorable, at least we think so. It is slightly humorous and somewhat cruel at the same time. Plus the lore that relates to elephants are very appropriate: Elephants  never forget, the elephant in the room, elephants are scared of mice.

What does “RE” stand for?  relogocolour0

Literally, Roasted Elephant. Whenever you hear someone talk about RE, or use a word beginning with ‘re’,  think ‘Roasted Elephant.’ Other than that, we stand for transparency in business, education and government, individuality of each person, creativity, equal educational rights for everyone no matter where or who, the future of this planet, the future of education.


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