CC101: Climate Change – It’s Personal 


This is the first in a series of 5 mini-courses on Global Warming and Climate Change (CC101 – CC105). If there is one subject that we think is the largest Elephant-in-the-Room, then it has to be Climate Change. It cannot be ignored; it won’t go away and time is running out to prevent chaos.

This course starts by letting you witness Climate Change as it is already happening. It starts by taking you on an emotional and visually stunning journey around the planet.  It continues by explaining some of the dire consequences of not acting.

Soon to be added, the remaining courses in this series (CC102 … CC105) will provide a brief and simple explanation of the science followed by actions you can take to cut your own carbon footprint. That takes us onto the final sections that show you how to get others to do what you have done, and how to influence the political system to begin taking this issue seriously and begin acting immediately.

This course is designed for those who want to do something but just don’t know where to start.

Upon completion of each mini-course, the student is awarded a completion Badge from Mozilla ‘Open Badges’. This is a verifiable award that you can use to prove your level of understanding about Climate Change. Open Badges are internationally recognised and useful to demonstrate your knowledge to employers.

Our courses comes in bite-sized chunks that you can complete in one or two sessions as your spare time becomes available. You choose the schedule to meet your needs. For more information, and to enroll in this course see our sister website:

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