Open Badges

Open Badges is a new online standard to recognize and verify learning.
Roasted Elephant is part of this new standard.

  • Open Badges help knit your skills together. Badges can build upon each other, joining together to tell the full story of your skills and achievement.  Any user can earn, manage and display these badges all across the web.
  • With Open Badges, every badge is full of information. Each one has important data built in that links back to the issuer, the criteria it was issued under and evidence verifying the credential — features unique to Open Badges.
  • Open Badges let you take your badges everywhere. Users now have an easy and comprehensive way to collect their badges in a single backpack, and display their skills and achievements on social networking profiles, job sites, their websites and more.
  • Individuals can earn badges from multiple sources, both online and offline. Then manage and share them using the Open Badges backpack.

Open Badges make it easy to…

  • Get recognition for the things you learn. Open Badges include a shared standard for recognizing your skills and achievements and helps make them count towards job opportunities and lifelong learning.
  • Display your verified badges across the web. Earn badges from anywhere, then share them wherever you want—on social networking profiles, job sites and on your website.
  • Verify skills. Employers, organizations and schools can explore the data behind every badge issued using  Open Badges to verify individuals’ skills and competencies.

How it works:

When you complete a Roasted Elephant Course an Open Badge is emailed to you. This can be placed in an Open Badge Wallet that you keep, or you can store the badge in your computer or e-mail. If a prospective employer asks for proof of your experience and education, you can include all of your badges, or just some of your choosing, in your CV or Resume to show your level of knowledge and expertise.

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