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Extreme Heatwave to Hit Central Europe Starting Thursday

Computer weather models are showing the buildup of an extreme heat wave for Central Europe and Russia at the end of this week. Temperatures over large areas may hit 45C in places that normally experience much milder summers. The charts below from the US Navy’s supercomputer models show the areas...Read More »

Cambridge University sinks to new low

The Guardian (UK) is reporting that Cambridge University has refused to divest its ¬£5.9 Billion endowment in fossil fuels. It has been under pressure to do so by students, academics and even by the Archbishop of Canterbury. The University argued that it was better to keep...Read More »

"Surrounded by Humans" - Help!

Breaking News! Australian Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is coming out of the darkness according to last week’s newspapers from down under. He rose to power as a vociferous climate change denier. But, miracle of miracles, he’s now changing his mind. The newspapers down under tell the story of...Read More »

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