Elephants & Education

The_Elephant_in_the_Room_Banksy-Barely_legal-2006(CC-BY)Jdcollins13If you say there is an elephant in the room, you mean that there is an obvious problem or difficult situation that people do not want to talk about.

Once upon a time, Three Blind Men came upon an Elephant.  They did not know what it was. So each touched a different part of it.

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Since each blind man only felt a small bit of the whole elephant they came to different conclusions of how it would look to someone who was not blind.

Education and the Elephant-in-the-Room

This is what the classroom looked like in 1350AD:


It is probably not much different than your classroom today! Some students are paying attention, while others are talking, distracted or asleep.


 Each of these people will see school and the problems of education in a different way. They understand the parts they experience but are blind to the bigger picture.

Our “Elephant in the Room” is to question why have schools not changed that much since ancient times.

Some see school as an opportunity for the gifted student to get ahead of the rest. Those who can not make the grade will be led by those who can. It’s the “natural order of things”?

Or is it?

Do you recognize these companies?


Each of these companies was created and built by someone who dropped out of education! Hundreds of thousands of new University graduates will apply to work at these companies this year.

Yet we label the drop outs as failures. It’s madness. We send them to school, strip away their creativity and passion, and when they resist we label them just as we might label a faulty engine part.

Even those who do manage to survive higher education are often confused and angry when they find there are no jobs for them in their chosen professions.

Roasted Elephant Cafe is designed to talk about the Elephants in the Room, both in the educational system, and in the subjects we teach.  Our sister site. RoastedElephant.net is where you will find courses developed to help us all deal with tough subjects.

Learning does not exist in a vacuum. It exists in the environment that can be helpful, or hurtful, to the process of developing ‘knowledge’. Discussions about education in the popular press, and even in peer reviewed literature, tend toward blame games or quick fixes.

Oh, and one further note. Many of the corporations shown are considered less than helpful to society. But that usually happened long after the entrepreneur that created the company died, left it, or was forced out. Those that followed often ruined the organisation by a lack of imagination and creativity. In other words, they were educated in the schools that rejected the entrepreneurs. Another ‘elephant’?

Join our discussion about education and how we can provide better education to everyone, everywhere.



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