I first saw this on a college movie marathon day, along with about 6 other movies. This wasn’t like the others though, this provoked some thought and reflection. I saw it at a time where everyone was talking about university and getting good grades and working hard in school. This made me realise that,“you know what? I don’t want to go to University. I want more”. There is a fantastic speech at the end that inspired us to start talking about education. This movie was a turning point in the origin of Roasted Elephant.

What is it for? “Lifelong debt and indecision” or “to get a good job …” or something else?

What is the ‘college thing’ about? Stimulating young minds? Lectures? Note taking? Or, enduring classes that don’t motivate you in order to get good grades?

Ask students what courses they want to take? Sacrilege!

“Why can’t we both exist? … It is a crime to rob kids of their creativity and their passion.” Are you going to play it safe and roll over, or are you going to follow your passions?

We would highly recommend that you watch “Accepted” in full. It is very entertaining and raises some fundamental questions about how we educate.

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